A foreign monk’s quest for enlightenment takes a macabre turn

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Meeting the man behind the manga.

A Deka* Tanaka story, from the original manga series based on the private files of a Japanese detective. In this episode the translator describes his serendipitous encounter with the eponymous author.

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Through the border-control looking glass

open US passport with miniature figures and entry/exit stamps
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KFC bucket of fried chicken

Old American outhouse door with crescent moon cutout
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I am hesitant to share some incidents out of concern for surviving family and friends who might find them distressing. But Truth wants to be free. I’m sure Ralph would agree, if he were still with us.

Old Color postcard of Richmond Indiana Main Street showing State Theater
Main Street, Richmond Indiana, from memory

Understanding the real world

The Incredible Hulk action figure
photo by Limor Zellermayer@limorganon on Unsplash

The risk and the rush of pseudo-heroism …

Steve Benfey

How, hi are you? I’m a writer living in rural Japan. My writing expresses the spirit of living the way I do or did — in consensual reality and otherwise.

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