Fried’s method of getting a budget figure works even better than described: “Oh, ok. So a $100,000 solution would work for you?” Clients would quickly reply… “Oh no, probably something more around $30K.”

Surprisingly often the real figure is much higher than you give yourself permission to ask for.

Psychologically, this is related to the story you tell yourself about what your time and creativity are worth.

How to stop hobbling yourself? Ask yourself what you would be willing to do the job for (your usual figure).

Then imagine how much more you could deliver if you quoted three or more times that figure.

Ask the client for that out-of-the-ballpark budget.

The catch? You better be good at what you do.

How, hi are you? I’m a writer living in rural Japan. My writing expresses the spirit of living the way I do or did — in consensual reality and otherwise.

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