It is basic human instinct to want what you want. I want more money. Lots more.

So robbing a bank is just basic human instinct. A pure and selfless act of the psyche liberated from artificial laws designed to punish those who are honest about their basic human instincts.

Animals other than the human type are generally much more restrained. With the exception of, for example, chickens, ducks, bottle-nosed dolphins, chimpanzees and some seals (who, it is claimed, also rape dead penguins), rape just doesn’t make it.

Many women animal folk decide who they’ll fuck and when. The males have to jump through hoops to be considered good enough. The females among lions, for example, set up males to fight each other to determine which is more worthy of mating with.

Animals are known for mating rituals in which the male “asks permission" and expresses availability. That’s basic instinct for you.

How, hi are you? I’m a writer living in rural Japan. My writing expresses the spirit of living the way I do or did — in consensual reality and otherwise.

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